Pain of Loneliness

by Shaista Khadim

The wind slaps me
The sand pricks my feet
My hands bleed
Because of my nails piercing.

Tears don't flow out
Despite how hard I try.
I could always escape by letting them out
But this time I can't cry.

I think of all those times
When smile ruled me
When you stood beside me
When my heart was free.

Now all I see
Is loneliness...
All I feel
Is desertness...

But if my smile
In this eon of pain
Can give you happiness,
Then I will try again and again
To stay happy
If not from the heart
But at least in front of you
So you can have a new start.

The sun sets
Beyond the horizon
And I stand watching the free birds
Let my heart sink like the sun.

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by: S.W.K

shhhhhhh.... close ur eyes and feel ..... feel ur radiance feel ur presence... feel the halo around ur head and imgine urself an angel ... smile only fr urself and no1 else though an occasional giggle fr me will do :D

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