by Wabil Janjua
(Sharjah U.A.E)

Time is perfect
life is bliss
no more sorrows
just coz of one kiss

Love the way u smile
love the way u dance
for me u r eternity
i cant leave us on chance

U are true perfection
u are my angel
lie down relax
let me rock u inn ur cradle

There aint no heaven
without falling in love
i fell for you
and i always do

My heart beats faster
i go numb
i can hear every beat
every step u take to come near

Truth lies
matter no more
pain with such a gain
settles the score

Im happy that you left
Though your memories still stay
I cant forget my sleeping beauty
for whom dragons id slay

I try ever so much
but can never hide it from you
I cant live widout u
dont know wat id do
dont leave me ever
i swear my heart beats will leave with you

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