I go to sleep with my head aching
I find myself in a dream haunting

I was on the plains
My bare feet was in pains.

I jumped up in fright,
It was only a dream but my face is deprived of light.

Soon the mighty sun will rise,
I will have to look for rice.

To a rhythm my stomach sings hallelujah,
With my little feet on fire.

The world does not shelter us,
We gallop on the street like a horse.

We come to you in search of Food,
Even if we can get the dog's feed.

In the corners of the street I shed tears,
I worry about the night and my fears.

My tender skin is tanned,
By a sun that can't be banned.

I could get water when it rains,
But I wish it could wash away my pains.

I want to speak about my plight,
I need my future to be bright.

I am a child of nobody,
I am aspiring to be somebody.

I can't do it alone, I need you to co-operate
But you only made my woes aggravate.

I live in a society where I am rejected,
Everytime I try, I end up dejected.

My heart is soft though my pillow is stone,
Your pillow is soft but your heart is made of stone.

I wish you won't mock my situation,
All I ask is that you show compassion

Show some love,
Let your heart be as pure as dove.

Do not abandon me on the street,
Prove to me that you have a heart.

I will never forget your kindness,
I will always pray to God for your greatness.

In abundance of his grace you will grow,
And at your feet, I will bow.

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