Painted Faces and Long Hair

by Cadence McCracken
(Martinez, CA)

What magic in the uncontrolled -
equilibrate order with drear,
chaos with freedom,
authority with chains
and your wild self with God,
all knowing and perfect
never found at need of another man.
What children
beg still for disarray?
For war and painted faces
to show no soul but theirs command,
and only death will tell them no.
Lord of the land
until only carcasses remain.
This was the wild beast's wish.
They offered reason, attempted order,
compassion and fear
that remind him of his parents.
Rebel with long hair
and bloody dreams,
must you kill the son of sanity?
He knew what you were,
and wanted not to restrain
but to help guide you and all your lost
to another path that ended in less flies.

*inspired by Lord of the Flies

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What is this??
by: Anonymous

seems like a real attempt to be I don't know what


by: Editorial Team


The Editors
My Word Wizard

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