Palmful of Handle

by Philip J. Carney II
(Colorado USA)

Just three
Could we muster
Beckoning sun 4 son
& daughter

Twisted black ribbons
infinite combination
of soul extinguishing decisions
Pushing hard to the inside
& lean

Constant radius turns
mirror cascading tumble
Rise or descend endlessly
following rock walls

Azure and elements
introspective vista
peaks alpine laced summit
exposing observant sentinels

Deserts and grain
silos shaded blueplate
Cactus and cottonwoods
blurry miles of grass

Hemispherical sky's
duel motivated momentum
towards distant horizons mirage
constantly arriving

Hypnotic resonance
self absorbed conscienceness
momentarily embraced
yet still unsatisfied

Release the throttle
Engage the clutch and
change gears

What existence is
this gratification that
answers nothing

Pointlessly forward
blindly sucking leather clad breast
secreting sustaining
petroleum milk

Legendary goal of
misplaced hero worship
poses unanswerable questions

Natural communion
between mortality and lifes
jeopardy instantly gratifies
but dose not fill

Lessons experienced
in image and gravity
pay depreciated dividends
on a cosmic scale

Life's sown dream
harvests broken bones
shattered homes and
lonely hearts

Silent call
of the open road
listens not

Image paid
in currency not
of this earth

The shell of
satisfaction reveals
the next exit

Roads leading
nowhere except back to
the origin



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