by Anthony Desmond
(Center Line, MI, USA)

Halo around her waist,
hearts painted on the walls
to cover the cracks in her foundation.
Guitar in the key of A.
While dreading her locks

Face to the sky,
uneven grass bent at the tips of her toes
as she wishes to feel cement.
It's almost midnight,
& still bright eyed

She looks at the hours upside down
to slow the close of the open door.
When she's right-side up,
she feels suffocated

Desperate to find her other half,
unknowingly looking for self.
She does handstands in the desert
just to find out if she can

Halo fallen to her knees,
losing, loser, pitiful, unworthy.
She looks down & admires the cracked
caulking in the cracks of the bathroom floor

Head on pillow,
make up on face,
scissors by hand,
murder mystery on hand.

Halo around ankles,
it's harder to take risks,
harder to breathe, & harder to cope.
Hearts on wall are now just as cracked.
Scissors in hand, she cuts hair
& is free from rolling wheelchair

© 2010 Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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