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November 2011 Featured Poet

Parrish Lantern

Parrish Lantern
Parrish Lantern is the pen name of Gary Moon, a poet residing in Canterbury, England. A prolific writer, blogger, and Twitterer, his highly original, dramatic works often grace the pages of MWW. Parrish has a special talent for transforming MWW prompts into stunning pieces of longer verse. 

His daytime hours are spent as a Day Center Officer helping young adults with learning difficulties achieve their potentials through sport and writing. Never one to pass up a good book, he spends his spare time reading, biking, listening to music & imbibing the occasional malt whisky.

A married father of a 10 year old girl, Parrish
has come to realize that the coolest thing you can actually be is a dad. He describes his daughter as 'the bane and unconditional joy of my existence."

Parrish can be found on Blogspot, on Twitter @parrishlantern, and for his daily poems on Twitter 


I come clown-fated
(wearer of the cap and bell).
Let out on some divine whim,
some great master-plan, concocted
over the cups.

A mudbound cave dweller, one
heart blip away from?
In looking for the truth
it blacked both my eyes.
I dance an eternal blindman's
 bluff on some giant
jester's tongue.

Mother! I left to find

a tombstone greater than
his myth......Father
I come lame (Swollen
foot) to find out
how you fall

The skulls pyrotechnics
Shone through her eyes
Fractured the cloud-formula
of days. The threaded epoch
of discovery in isolation.

"Need was the matrix
healing the split"
( there was no-such place)
And many a fetch 'tween
me and me
Taunted her rebuke.

© Parrish Lantern * 2011 * All Rights Reserved


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