Past To Future

by Nicole G.
(Little Rock,AR)

You say your past catching up with you, but I say no past no future..I knew what come along with you from where I met you,but I didn't know there will be so many challenges, so many haters,and your name, the hood fame come with a cost, Everybody want you to be babydaddy,sugar daddy,or side piece because they see a potential boss.However when I met you, I seen a man that was lost,I seen a man that talked to God,I seen a man that was looking for love in all the wrong places, even tho you stuck with 10 bitches,I'M the one here trying to hold on,set a foundation and grant your wishes.I get that you want love,loyalty,and be secure but that work both ways,I've seen the man you become,you say your past catching up with you,but I have one too..I love you no matter what,no past no future.

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