Peace Forever

by Lucas J. Ammons

Peace Forever.
The body is in homeostasis finally.
Each part acting as one .
Without the autoimmune disease that was contained in the fruit ,
Making each part of the body fight itself, as well as wear clothes, fashioned from leaves .
Peace Forever.
Jew and gentile have been grafted in .
By this action the entire nation is healed
Israel was just a nation with a great purpose .
Israel’s borders have now expanded to cover the entire Earth .
There are people every tribe, tongue, and nation who are now citizens of Israel.
Those circumcised of body or of spirit .
Are now of one flesh .
A couple.
They never leave each other, and became like family in times of hardship .
A family reunited.
A rebellious son returns home, he expects his dad to be furious .
This is not the case.
The Enemy does not want there to be
Peace Forever.
This is not his goal.
He wants kingdom to rise against kingdom, and nation to rise against nation .
He wants Abraham’s seed that is scattered throughout the nations, both the lines of Isaac
and Ishmael ,
never to reconcile in particular.
However, we are commanded to seek peace and pursue it
and do our best to make
Peace Forever.
To do this, will be hard but we must try, and not commit loathsome acts .
One day, the prince of peace will return, everyone will witness this .
Some will rejoice, others will fear .
Then will be peace for one thousand years .
Before The Enemy’s little season .
Then there shall be everlasting peace, beating of swords into plow shears .
So, from then on…there will be…
Peace Forever.

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