Percy the Peacock

by Gaye Hemsley
(New Zealand)

Look at me I’m so beautiful.
As my wife, please be dutiful?
But all you seem to do
is put your head down and chew.
You’re not vaguely impressed
with my plumage and dress.

I think I’ll go visit hen Henrietta.
They say she treats a bloke a lot better.
I’ll show her my plumage with a little wriggle.
Then Henrietta will start to giggle -
at the striking, sensuous sight.
She may even ask me to stay the night.

Oh! Now I see you looking my way.
Does that mean you’re ready to play?
Hurry up I’ll count to ten.
Then we’ll play ‘Chase the hen.’

In the Bird Garden there’s two birds running.
One quite plain and one quite stunning.
Penny pea hen’s hiding under a tree.
Percy fell over and hurt his knee.

Penny said. ‘Don’t worry I’ll kiss it better.’
He didn’t object, he lay there and let her.
Now if you in the garden in a few weeks time.
You’ll see little chicks running along in a line.

Percy and Penny are a loving pair.
With a family of five there is so much to share.
He’s not quite as vain as he used to be.
It’s great to see they’re both happy.

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