Observe, if you will, the trend
Downward, shaping lives, stagnating growth
Distant work broke the promise of education
To be owed, entitled, because I was born
Oppression of a context in one direction
Seeing what is possible in an impossible dream
Replacing imagination with communication stream
Wishing, not working, while wealth grew, not for the many but for the few
Entitled to progress, brought down by the lack of choice
Lagging leaders, losing lenders drive the formats of agendas
Knowing that you will never know
What it feels like for wealth to grow
Broken system, broken voice, why must we live with our parents’ choice.

Imagine, if you will, walking
For miles, taking those that we love,
Leaving, risking, life impossible to live
Finding nobody who understands your decision
Between losing your life and losing your voice -
To cry out to those that you meet on the way
That they are a heartbeat from where you are today
Hoping, not knowing, that things improve, for countries of people with nothing to lose
Stop building the walls and steadying the stance
Braced for a spectre lurking on the boarder
Our failure is knowing that we would know best
When faced by the choices faced by the rest.
Without knowledge, without clue, what a joy we have when we have nothing to do

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