Pillow Talk

by Lulu Keel Wells
(Caerphilly, Wales, UK)

"Are you awake?"


"Isn't it hot?"


My thoughts are frolicking like frisky flies.
They buzz around my head, my brain's afire!
I hush, I soothe, I swat, I beg, I plead,
But more and more pour in through casements wide!

"Are you asleep?"

"Not now, no!"

"Can I get you some water?"

"No, you can't!"

What time is Beth supposed to be in class?
Will Jamie need his football kit today?
O holy cats! If I don't get some sleep
I'll be in no fit state to drive the car!



"I need the window open wider, do you mind?"


They said that it was probably benign.
And even if it's not, it's treatable.
I haven't told the kids! What do I say?
My god! This world can be so cruel! so cruel!



"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine."

He's being very brave, typical man!
He's hardly said a word since we got home.
I'm terrified of losing you, my love!
I wish to God that you would talk to me!


"Yes, my love."

"I'm scared. What if I have cancer!"

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