There's an emotion deep within us all, and it's love that lights our dark , But as Cupid's arrow isn't always true it will sometimes miss its mark , Cause when a man has to stand aside although he wants someone just so much , All the while he'll be suffering now from your laughter or your touch . I know it all seems crazy now but i cant help the things that I feel , And regardless of how you feel about me, my feelings for you are real . For as far back as I can remember, I've kept this all inside , And with every year that passed us by it seemed harder for me to hide . I know that this is all so wrong and it will be hard to hear me say , That with every day that passes by, I'll be dreading your wedding day , Cause that's the day you'll be gone for good and my wishes won't come true , Cause I'll never have what I've wanted most ..and what I've wanted most is you . To fall in love so deep is precious and I know that all to well , Just look at me now , I' still standing here , exactly where I fell . To upset the relationship you already had was never my intention or plan , I simply needed you to know the feelings of this man . So just remember that I'm always here and I love you more than ever , Then maybe someday , maybe some way ,we may just put it all together .

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