Places to visit.

by John Smallshaw
(London, England)

This body aches to fake another day
To stay one step ahead
But if there was another way
I think I'd stay in bed.

Not built to last
Finished now and cast adrift
And yet my spirits lift
When I gaze upon the face before me
A face filled sensitivity
Duration and nativity.
I wish I could see the whole
Wish I could see the role that's played

Laid underneath the Ocean skies
I look up and realise quite suddenly
That we are the creativity.
We are the circle come complete
And in the meeting of this mind, with a kind of glee
I understand what the me in me can do and be.

The secret lies in letting go and going on..
..not holding but in giving back.
This is the other way in which we seek
To help the helpless,feed and clothe the meek
My body aches to fake another day..
..but another way plays out and bed becomes anathema.
To get out there and to become
A reason for the sun to shine.

Another time to stay in bed.
Today I shall
Be led instead of leading
Be read to instead of reading.
Another way of learning..the tutor turning
The yearning of a child that takes the..
..the message home into his heart.

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