Pleasingly Plump Princesses

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pa, usa)

brilliant babe

brilliant babe

women that tip the needle
at the extreme right or require digital scale
whether young or old
ought to appreciated as those thin as a rail

instead they suffer unfair injustice
like a trapped quivering quail
thus this holistic wanted
to hammer one stronger than steel nail

into the coffin of bias
against bevy of beautiful babes from this male
who inherited genetic predisposition
for being slender, hearty and hale,

yet feel compassion for those engaged
in an ongoing with battle of the bulge
or accepted unequivocally themselves
without envy of lithesome women,

who never seem to flair
and tis wise to love oneself unconditionally
despite premium on aesthetics considered svelte
which mass media accentuates as

de facto definition of femininity -
aka runway models donned in faux animal pelt
whose deliberate self exhibition
prompts madding crowd of man

to waggle tongue with slack jaws
as if ready to melt
or at instantaneous signal
drop drawers upon removing belt.

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