by Alli Anu Okuwadami
(Sango Otta, Ogun state)

Plight of a mother
Whose child life cruelly murdered
Like the moon takes away the day
Her pains is beyond what mouth can say

She remembered her child's smile
Colorful she can sight from a mile
Even at night she couldn't bear to say goodbye
After singing a melodious routine lullaby

She can't stop hearing the sound of her baby's cry
Or that innocent face when her baby is shy
Oh! She missed her baby's warmth
She just realized how valuable her baby's worth

Tomorrow she wish not to see
As her tears rushed down to make sea
She feel her happiness go down the drain
As sorrow shower her being like rain

Is it days she walked with pregnancy in the scorching sun
Or because of her baby, days she denied herself reasonable fun
Is it the pains she felt at birth
When she labored with her last breath

Life took away her precious baby
The only one who gave meaning to her lady
The only one who showed her the value of true bond
Life was so jealous and got it burned

Now her happiness is gone
Cruelly shot by illness's gun
Her baby is dead
And she wish she was taken instead.

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