Christmas Poems 

It’s the time of year when everybody is a kid again. A Poem for Christmas from the writers at My Word Wizard captures the spirit and tempo of the season. 

It's the time when life's pace takes on a different rhythm, when people smile just a little more easily. There always seems to be plenty of good cheer to go around.

If colorful lights, roasted chestnuts, aromatic pine and powder white snow make you feel all warm inside, you will especially enjoy our collection of verse marking this joyous time of year.

Wonderful Wishes

As Christmas comes closer this year
I want to let you know
That I’m thankful for our friendship
More than I can show.
We have been through many years
since we were in school.
So I want to wish you well
during this time of Yule.

Sharing Together

Snow is softly falling outside the window
the sweet smell of pine is in the air.
Family gathers around the tree
filling each sofa and chair.
Christmas is a time to share
And be with the ones we love
To celebrate the season
and to marvel at the heavens above.

Those You Love

Gather round the Christmas tree
With your family and friends.
Listen to the choirs sing
Make memories that never end.
This is what Christmas is about
Its not about presents or snow
Its about being with those you love
And watching the love as it grows.

Christmas Sensory

Crunching snow beneath the feet.
the smell of cookies in the air,
The delicious taste of peppermint,
snowflakes landing in your hair.
The sights and sounds of Christmas
Surround every boy and girl
The lights, the smells, the tastes
are transforming the entire world.

Ringing in Goodness

Listen to the Christmas bells
Ringing in the corner church
Announcing to all in hearing
That Christmas time is near.
Now is the time for everyone
to give out love and peace
To show caring to another
and to show good will to man.

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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