Poem RP by Caitlin Shannon

by Caitlin Shannon

The man stood up, tossing the flowers into the trash can, angry at himself for even existing. He instantly gotten to blame at himself. He kicked the couch out of the position it was in and grits his teeth. He prepared the flowers to confess to "her", but was too late... His life was then miserable, missing her smile, missing her, just her in general. He wanted to just go, destroy every part of his existence, it stung, everything stung. He hated life forevermore, he could never forget the love he once who he had seen, thus falling into the pit of hopelessness, to never be heard of again, only to be forgotten. He hated this, hated himself, hated all of everything, but only loved one thing... One thing whom loved someone else, he fell to his knees, his emotions overwhelming him in the midst of everything. He thought he was strong, only to lose his strength against this, so powerful it made him so hurt, so hurt... Just hurt. Tears dripped down his miserable face, his emotions dripping from his face. His happiness leaving as the tears left him...

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