Father and Kid on Lake 

There is a vast array of poems about fathers day that articulates much of what we feel about our dads.  We know, however, that many of you don't wait for the holiday to express your sentiments. Your father has had such a strong impact on your life and you probably find yourself reflecting upon it from time to time. 

Here at My Word Wizard we receive so many wonderful pieces from our talented community of writers, poems that specifically speak to the subject of dads. Their words are a testament to the strong bond between a father and child.

On this page we shine a spotlight on this work.  We are sure their extraordinary words will resonate with you. Perhaps they will inspire you to take step back and think about your own relationship with your father.

It is our privilege to present to you this very special collection from the contributing poets of the My Word Wizard community.

Thank you to them and to you our readers.

Happy Father's Day.

A Father's Love

Love so true, a father gives,
his children are, forever his.
From cradle, into adulthood,
gives shelter, in the deepest flood.
His arm embraces, you so tender,
for love so true, will always render.
Compassion, in his loving eyes;
Forgiveness, from the heart inside.
The strictest measure, he will place,
conduct his home, with all his grace.
Respect his person, dearest child;
Your father always, by your side.

                               © Maria Voelker 2012

I Am My Father's Son

A life born into unknown darkness
I was your only son
Inherited your hopes and fears
Became your chosen one
Generations of family demons
Gathered around my bed
Whispering passed on failures
That echoed through my head
Father I don’t want your shackles
Please leave them on the ground
Let me breathe hope into the world
Let it hear my sound
Mistakes that you have made in life
Dreams that have long gone
Relive them through my eyes this day
Your light will be re-shone
Our words they maybe different
Yet our heart it is the same
The failures of past generations
Will no longer be to blame
Though your wings are clipped
For you I fly so high
This is the world that we created
Father please don’t cry
No matter what the world may bring
My life has just begun
One thing I am sure from here
I’m proud to be your son

                               © Dean the Bard 2012

To my Beloved Father in Law

You extended a hand in warmth
welcoming me into your family
I was made to feel a sense of belonging
There was never any question
that it would be otherwise

I have been twice blessed through marriage
First, through my wonderful husband
who is by my side, always
Then through the love of my second family
Of whom you are the patriarch and guiding light

It is so very difficult to express in words
what lies deep in the heart
A simple thank you is never enough

And so on this, your special day
I can only offer these verses of gratitude
The gifts you have bestowed upon me
can never be fully repaid

It is my privilege and honor
to share in this special occasion
as you grow another year wiser
and as we celebrate all that you mean to us

To my loving father in law

                               © Anonymous 2012

Lint (A Father's Day Poem)

In the back of my pocket,
I found a piece of lint.
Your long stranded hair,

A fingernail lost, next
to a pick. In that very same
shred of cotton string grey

I saw a mirrored
reflection of

                               © Anna Lovering 2012

Not Alone...

At one point in everyone's
life, they realize there is one
person always there.
The one person who makes
you feel your dreams can
come true.
They make you smile
when you're sad, and when
you can't explain, they
always understand.
They give you hope to get
through today and help
you believe better times
will come someday.
When you feel like you've
lost your way, they seem to
know the perfect words
to say. You can tell them
what's deep within your heart
and know your secret's safe.
You express your deepest
feelings when you get hurt,
knowing someone cares.
Even if it's only one person,
at least you know they are
always there.
You, are that one who makes
me believe in a brighter future,
and without you
there are things I don’t
think I would have made
it through

                               © Jessica Driver 2012


We thank each of the poets for publishing their work on our pages.  They own all rights to their individual pieces and no portion of their writings may be used without their permission.

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