Poems for Mom 

Through the good times and bad, your mom is always there for you. Our collection of Poems for a Mom recognizes the supports she provides, her gift of guidance, and most important of all, the hug she delivers when you need it most. 

She was or is far from perfect. How could she be? She is a human being after all. But she served or still serves as your counsel, an open ear, a shoulder to lean upon. She is your biggest fan no matter how far you've strayed or might stray. Her love is unconditional. 

Sometimes children don't always show their appreciation for all their mother has done for them, but in your own way you know that you are the person you are largely for who she is.
Whether it’s a poem to give to your mom, or some inspirational words to cherish her memory, you’ll find just the right sentiment here.

Thank You Mom

Mom, It seems like it was long ago
When I was that small child
But the memories you created
With me will stay awhile.
Bringing laughter to my childhood
I still remember this
The way you tucked me in at night
My forehead you would kiss.
Reading to me stories
Fairytales or counting sheep
In some far off dreamland
I would soundly sleep
Dear Mom thank you from the heart
These memories I will keep.

Unbroken Chain

There is a depth to parenthood
That I have only come to know
Just how much your love gave me
Now that I have my own.
I catch myself saying
Pearls of wisdom passed on from you
If only I had known back then
How your words would translate to truth.
Mom, thank you
You gave so much
You built me up from scratch
And now with my own little one
I’m finally giving back.


Thank you
For loving me
Despite my faults
My indifferences
You always provided shelter
When I needed warmth
And always lent an ear
When I needed to talk
You have been there for me
In thick and thin
And mother I thank you
Again and again.

Unconditional Love

To my Mom
Who put up with
My moods
My teenage hoodlum
Never cleaning my room
And playing music too loud
Coming home late
More than once in a state
Did I ever put you through it!
Lord knows I really did
But despite all this
You never gave up
So Mom, I love you
You’re just great

My Rock

As I have grown you have guided me
You helped me take my first steps in this world
Faltering and shaky, I fell many times
And yet you gave me courage
And gave me strength.
Many steps I have taken on my path through this life
Many times I have faltered
And stopped to think twice
Still your hand reaching out to me
In my minds eye I see it
Mom, in my heart you still shape me
Thank you for the gift you gave me
This gift called life.

Poetry by Sarah Spoors

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