Poems With Alliteration
You asked for it and here they are; More Poems with Alliteration. This is a hot category for young writers, as it challenges them to use their imaginations in a completely new way. Even adults love this genre, not least of which for its similarity to doing a crossword puzzle. You need to find just the right letter or the puzzle won't work.

There is no doubt that writing these types of verses presents a formidable challenge for a writer. It is one reason why the output is so especially satisfying for the author.

Poetry that utilizes this device must use the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of verse.  Such as "Frank is a frog who fawns over flies."

Be aware that it is not the letter itself, but the sound the letter that categorizes it as an alliterative verse. So, “chew” and “caught” do not alliterate, but “clean” and”kid" do.

We think you will get a kick out of these wonderful selections. Our team of writers had a blast creating them just for you.

Confidential to teachers: This type of writing really improves a child's language and visualization skills. Feel free to submit your student's work for publishing on our site.

The Bicycle

In the babbling I broke my bike
In the deep end directly near the dyke
Biking is fun, you feel so free
Just don’t sit on your cycle when you swim or ski

Healthy Eating

Peter loves his prune juice, especially with peas
Nancy prefers not to eat, while she is kneeling on her knees
Frank devours frankfurters, at Friday football games
Chris eats carrots on a cake, at least that is what he claims
Stephanie just love her grapes, she gives them to the guys,
Corn and carrots, and cantaloupe too, are wonderful for your eyes!

A Hunch

I had a horrible hunch
That got me going good
A feeling that felt freaky
Shall I share it, yes I should
I don’t like frightening stories
But when I got to school
My teacher told us terrible tales
Of goblins, ghosts and ghouls
I knew I should have stayed home
Stayed right there in my bed
Is this really something they should teach?
Is there nothing else instead?


I met a fair maiden Mathilda
Who loved to hang with her horse Hilda
Under her bed, she kept butter and bread
Which she fed to her favorite fish Tilda

Dunking Donuts

Dora never dunked her donuts
We never quite knew why
She really should share her secret
Oh Dora please don’t lie!
‘It’s true I don’t dunk my donuts’
She spoke and said ‘you see’
If donuts were meant for dunking and dipping
They would come inside my tea

Poetry by Alan Loren

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