Hyperbole Poetry

They exaggerate and stretch the truth (just a bit!).  The Poems with Hyperbole Collection from the writers at My Word Wizard explores this delightful genre with another assemblage of light hearted verse written with “slightly” overstated, inflated language.

Let's look at a fun example. "His ego is as big as a house".  Clearly when we compare this gentleman’s ego to a residential house, we are using exaggerated language.  However, the larger point is that this man has a fairly sizable ego that warrants a little ribbing. All in good fun, of course!

The Last Shot

The crowd was as tense as a mouse meeting fear;
Their backs are straighter than rulers.
Time is like the speed of light.
Everybody’s eyes are as large as saucers.
I am always given the last shot;
My aim is as certain as the rising sun.

On a Snowy Day

Everyone looks like snowmen.
So much snow that it’s like walking up to heaven.
The fireplace is aglow like a giant’s oven.
Our cups of hot chocolate are piled
To the roof of the house
With marshmallows.
We scurry in the house, a bunch of  hurried mice,
On a snow day.

School Fight

You can’t hear a pin drop
As all the kids gather around;
They are vultures
Waiting for the corpse
Of the one who loses.
The tall kid…
He swings his fist with his hurricane force.
A torrential spray of blood
Explodes from the smaller boy’s nose
And covers the tiled floor.
The vultures fly away
As the teachers quickly approach.

The Christmas Tree

Momma bought a tree bigger than Jack’s giant.
The branches were so long
They gave each other huge bear hugs.
It took a million lights
To even make the tree seem half awake
And a thousand gifts to soothe
The giant’s appetite.

My Love

My love is a box
That is deep as the ocean.
My heart is a crater
Waiting to be filled.
My stomach,
Impatiently waiting for your response,
Is a group  of drunken butterflies
Struggling to take flight.
What will you tell me?
Are you - my love?

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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