Poison Tongue

by Caneel

I met her at the start of middle school
She seemed like the perfect BFF that I needed so much just then
We had good times together

But something wasn't right

I found myself ignoring my other friends
She followed me everywhere
And weaved me into her web of lies

I was stuck
I needed to get out... NOW
But I think the real reason that we were friends was

I'm not trying to be stuck-up

She knew I was too nice to say anything

A thousand pounds crushed me to the ground
Where she walked all over me
And left me in the settling dust to go to the populars

I felt so stupid
How could I do this to all my friends?
But, like friends, they forgave me

She wants it back
She can wish

I can't please everyone
And she is definitely not a person I care about pleasing

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