by Elizabeth Reilly
(Greenfield, Wisconsin)

When I turned five a year ago
with my mind already set,
I asked my mom and dad
if I could have a pet.

My dad thought of a hamster,
my brother said a mouse,
but mom said no, she didn’t want
a rodent in the house.

I didn’t want the usual
like a rabbit, a dog or bird,
everyone thought my idea
was the weirdest thing they’d heard.

Right now I have a little cat,
who’s as sweet as she can be
though I love her, I’m still sure
she’s not the pet for me.

Dad says when I'm much older
if I haven’t changed my mind,
he’ll go with me down to the zoo
and see what we can find.

Someday I’ll have my own house,
with lots of room to spare,
when I’m grown, can’t wait to own
a big white polar bear!

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