Poor Litte Tink Tink

by Wanda Woods
(Chicago, IL)

Can't catch a break.
Can't catch a date.
But one thing for sure he was never late.

Tink Tink had legs made of paper clips.
Which meant he could trip, dip, and do a mean back flip.

He tried out for the track team.
The other kids were always so mean
Laughing and making jokes about his legs going tink, tink, tink, tink.
Saying things like "With no feet they don't stink".

But in the race
They couldn't keep up the pace.
Poor little Tink Tink shamed them all.
Now look at him standing proud and tall.

With the fire sparks shooting out from his feet.
He laughed and said that's why they call me Tink Tink.

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