by Wesley Cooke
(Gosport, England)

-We tell them what they want..

-They don't even know who they are!

-Just find me the next Fab Four!

Screams the fat cat, reclining with cigar.

Teenage sensation

Nice little arrangement.

-Don't Stop Me Now!

-I've a Priory engagement!

Thousands of schoolkids

Cram the arena.

-He's my favourite rapper!

-Mum's here too, Have You Seen Her?

Here comes Carlton Chase

& his DJ mate, he's

Shopping for something

Sampling the 80's.

-My mate can keep his Dubstep

-Hardstyle & his Grime

-This record has that 90's sound

-It's way ahead of its time!

-I'm gonna marry the middle one!

Says Shaznay, to her friend.

-I'm not sure. She replies

-I think it's the one on the end!

This Is The End

That is, until the comeback.

-The cover-version, the biography

-Silly Me! I've just done that!

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