Pre-School Graduation

It’s the first milestone on their educational journey. The Preschool Graduation Poem Collection from the writers at My Word Wizard celebrates the day when they leave the blocks behind and move on to “big kids” school.

You can’t believe how fast they are growing up. This delightful compilation captures the feelings many of us experience as children step up to bigger challenges. 

You’re delighted, a little nervous, but so proud of their progress.  So let them know that their future is bright and that the school years ahead will be so wonderful. 

Take your camera, enjoy the day, and relish this memorable occasion.

Moving On

You have survived your pre-k years
With friends and favorite teachers;
Now it is time to move on.
To learn new things
And to make new friends.
You’re moving on sweetheart –
To bigger and better things.
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.
Love to our favorite mover and shaker.

Growing Up

Baby, growing up means change,
And it comes with things,
both bad and good.
Perhaps you’ll miss the little naps of preschool;
maybe the little games and pet teacher names.
Still, growing up means New lessons,
new games, and new friends.
Things will be different at your new school –
New routines and new rules
But you can handle anything
Because you’re growing up
And ready for the world.


Enjoy today, our darling child.
It may seem like just a little
But in reality, you’ve completed your first mile.
After this, comes more school days
And sadly less time to play.
Soon you’ll have homework like your siblings
But hopefully not all their complaints.
Right now though, just enjoy
Your job well done and those first steps..
Congratulations on your preschool graduation.

We're So Proud of You

We’re blinded by surprise,
Yet overwhelmed by joy.
You’ve made it through pre-k,
And we’re so proud of you.
You have changed
From crying about waking up and getting dressed
To being the first one in the car.
The scribbles have faded
To your name so neat on the fridge,
And we’re so proud of you.
You’re so smart and beautiful
Memorizing your numbers and making new friends
And we’re so proud of you.

Growing Up Too Fast

You are growing up too too fast.
Mommy can’t believe you are going to kindergarten.
Just a second ago it seems,
You were in Pre-k,
Those days have quickly passed.
I’m afraid to blink my eyes Out of fear
You will be entering high school and then college
And beginning your own family.
I’m so proud of you,
But you are growing up too fast to me.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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