by Wabil Janjua
(Sharhaj U.A.E)

Look into my eyes
look deep inside
see that fire burning
ever so bright

I forgot the way to love
how it felt to care?
I had no choice but to accept
life is unfair

considering myself a cast out
learnt to make my own world
but then she came around
my mind just swirled

did she actually care?
was it just a dream?
was I dead ?
why didn't I want to scream?

she showed me a way
the path less traversed by
the hopeless being I was
i couldn't even cry

but then she took my hand
led me by her side
all I could do was admire
melt in her pride

she asked me why I loved her?
wasn't it crystal clear
she taught me the meaning of life
drove away all my fear

they say love at teenage
is just infatuation
if what I feel now is a mirage
true love would be a dreadful situation

pain accompanies love
I learnt that the hard way
heart broken down trodden
I was led astray

swept away in the cold breeze
washed ashore
even death, with me
had to settle a score

looking at all the love around me
couldn't understand why it had to be me
they say G-d burdens the bearing
but I never wanted to have faith that snatched away my soul from me

listen to my heart, beating
that beast within stampeding
I wish that life was just a bunch of lies
and had no significant meaning

realizing that today might be the last glance
that dreaded, forced goodbye
girl please, oh please stab me yourself
but don't leave me here to die

people forced me to forget
my friends began to chide
but I could never forget that dream
that purged me from my demise

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True.Very true....
by: S.K

"It is hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember"...true for everyone: For you ..for me....and for the entire world...

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