Put Your Guns Down

by William P. Marino
(Billerica, MA)

In the days of my youth both reckless and blind,
I went off to war when it was my time.
Had lived in the city cold and bleak,
During war I could prove that, I wasn't weak.

It didn't take long to know I was a coward
When we had the weapons, and they had rain showers.
As poor as the Vietnamese were, it was warm.
They were resourceful, they kept their charm.

We on the other hand had all the resources,
Napalm, rockets and the  latest copters.
How can you tell who's winning or losing?
When bullets fly, there is no choosing.

The war's over now, I have nothing to prove.
My weapons are words to winners and losers.
Put down your weapons, put down your guns.
There is too much carnage, cause you're having fun.   

PTSD Poetry by Liam Marino

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