Question of Love

by Xavier
(Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America)

The Question Of Love
You said that its daisies and bruises
That love has its own fuses
If that was true then why make me feel this pain
Is it immortality that you want to gain

I held you in my arms like a mother and her baby
Lets not turn love into Hades
For yes love is like daises and bruises
But not everyone chooses

Chooses what? To be happy, or torn apart
To me love is just black art
It wheels you in and then spits you out
You said you loved me this i doubt

I know what i did was wrong
But forgive me for it was to make you strong
I couldnt love you for this i know
For life is like a show

What do you mean by this
You make me want to just call it quits
This is why i cant have trust
For everyone just likes to lust

I dont mean to cause you sorrow
Im always here, today and tomorrow
Youll find someone greater i promise
For the next girl you’ll meet will be a goddess
Because love is like daisies and bruises

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