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They’ve reached a milestone they’ve worked hard to attain. Our collection of Quotes or Poems on Graduation captures the spirit of the day, and the immense pride and joy you feel at their achievement.

The times were not always easy, and sometimes they struggled. But all can see that they've grown so much since first embarking on their academic studies. One thing is certain; the future is theirs to reach out and grasp.

Whether it is your child, a friend, or even a parent, our poets have assembled the perfect set of expressions to convey the import of the occasion.

My Pride

Today is a beginning for you
as you make a brand new start
and step out into the world
as an adult for the first time.
I wish you all the best there is
And I hope you find your way.
I can’t express my pride for you
And I know the future is bright.

Moving Ahead

A step toward the future
Leaving behind the past
Posing for some pictures
Making memories that last
Today is a celebration
as you make a brand new start
as you step into adulthood
and from your childhood depart.

New Start

Graduation is a new beginning.
It’s the start of a new life,
It’s the start of a new path,
It’s the start of a new adventure.
Graduation takes a child and makes him an adult
Graduation is a rite of passage,
A journey in a cap and gown
And something you’ll always remember.


Today is a special day.
Today you become an adult.
Today you leave childhood behind
Today you start a new adventure.
May your path always be open
May the clouds part from the sun
May your life be filled with love
And may your prosper in all you do.

Reach for Your Future

A graduation is a special time
when one journey ends and another begins.
It’s a time to step away from childhood
and make the first step into adulthood.
Reach for your future
Live for today
Remember your friends
And hold in your heart the memories.

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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