Random Thoughts of a Superstar

by Michael Tillery
(Philadelphia, PA)

Piano keys echo oh so religiously

Your wry smile, so Miles Solar, deepens as well as opens thee

Why does the chasm bellow so fiercely beneath us?

The facts of life surely are not our burden

The intensity, muddies thoughts like the ill deceitful depths of unjustifiable lust

It’s rich truth so apprehensive to trust what is a must

Army fatigues and West Virginia classes

New Castle sleds, and myriads of our kind of laughing

Time away so distant in fashion, so clashing

When I think of a friend, silhouettes of you cascade even in the masking shade

I wonder your mind

I wonder the signs

I wonder the pain, physical and not physical, your kind

Ubiquity is mine behind your all too telling eyes

There is nothing to despise

There is nothing to hide

Your companionship is the simplicity, and spontaneity, of a dusky, chill summer, nothing else matters ride

It’s easy not queasy

Just, see me

I’m not blurry

Never heart racing, pacing, scurrying, nor worrying

Just, lonesome without a syllable of everything completely within the confines of your comfortable giggle

It nibbles so whimsical

Curiously, so damn becoming

Comical, our comical

Lost in our losses

Bouncing to the unmistakable rhythm in a New York club is where I want to be with you right now

Your lively dance is a trance sublime of similarly perceptive bosses

Open your mouth wide shut

Standing of your life, I suffice to say

Trust me, my lifelong friend, unconditionally


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Forever grateful
by: LB

Thank you for sharing your gift, for the lift. The glimpse into the truth and deception of or connection. I am the deceiver. You are the believer. Forgive my greedy heart. My lazy, crazy, broken heart that I forge I’m stone alone. Afraid to be the me you see

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