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Rap Poems for Kids

Raps for Kids help teachers find new, innovative ways to teach their students poetry in the classroom. These highly energized poems are a resource tool developed by My Word Wizard that teachers can incorporate into their lesson plan to teach poetry to kids. 

This genre of poetry has an added benefit in that it is the perfect style for students to read aloud in class. They just love the rhythm and cadence of the rhymes. Perhaps you might consider organizing a "Poetry Slam" at your school as a means of encouraging the children in their public speaking skills.

Learning poetry at an early age can be beneficial to a child's development. Try teaching some of the ideas presented below and then have your students submit their own work to be shown on My Word Wizard!

Rap Poetry

Writing a rap can be a useful resource in helping to teach children poetry. Rap incorporates music and allows kids to write poetry through song. Teaching children through the rap style can nurture an appreciation of poetry in children and make your lesson more appealing.

The following is a great example by Tony Mitten on how to write a rap:

Rap Poems

TASK:  Offer the following exercise to your students to help them better understand rap. Ask them to come up with their own verses.

Rap Practice

Practice reading the rap and clap the rhythm. Focus on proper expression, timing, volume, speed and rhythm of the rap.  This should engage the whole class and draw them into the poetry.  Then ask them to write their own rap!

Share Your Student's Raps and We'll Publish Them Online

Are you an educator teaching poetry to your students? Our editors are always looking for new poems to add to our collection. Submit your student-written Raps for Kids to our editors by emailing them to us here.

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