by Amanda Jane Smith
(Brighouse, West Yorkshire UK)

Looking out of my window,
To see what I could see.
I looked around and saw a reflection,
Doing things like me.
I saw the face, the tired eyes,
So down and unhappy.
Oh my god I realised,
The face belongs to me.

My brain is working all the time,
Doing strange things to me,
I switch It off, It comes back on,
I'm scared who It could be.
So many voices In my head,
AskIng thIng's of me.
I'm so confused I'm not amused,
This Is reality.

It's time for bed I go ahead,
And sleep where they won't be.
The voices screaming all the time,
Bursting out with energy.
When I close my eyes,
My body feels at ease.
The voices lift from my head,
This Is my only release,
If anybody Is lIstening out there.
Can you come and help me please.

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