I remember the day you first came in.
Watching you fight to breathe then you were gone again.

My heart was breaking my mind was slipping away.
Started a fued between me and god that day.

My anger made me bitter trying to figure out how you could do this to me.
Couldn't get over seeing his beautiful face my memories haunted wouldn't let me be.

Man saw me decided he would try and console.
"Son I know it hurts but its not worth losing your soul."

Before I had the chance to speak.
The man started explaining what he had been thru and began to weep.

My son lived far away but never left my sight.
He loved everyone tried to make them understand but they denied it with all their might.

Tried to make many forgive and forget the wrongs and try to become better than they where.
Most just over looked him some just didn't care.

To pay him for his love they beat him so bad I physically wouldn't have known it was him.
Yet even then he told me to forgive them.

They denied his plea for love no matter how hard he tried.
Nothing hurt more than watching him the day that he died.

So you see I understand your pain.
Don't let the loss of your son cause you to be lost again.

His story touched me then he handed me an envelope and said here is my son as he did he sobbed.
I opened it to my surprise it was a cross I looked back and he was gone. "GOD?"

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