Redondo Beach

by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

This is home to me
here is where who I am was born;
Here is where my Rose that grew from the concrete
bloomed with thorns.
I have met many here
and lost some down the way,
still it is here when I have dark nights,
that I am welcomed with brighter days.
Here my soul can be free
and my heart can smile.
My Poetry is Redondo Beach,
Redondo Beach is My Poetry,
Redondo Beach is Me
and I am Redondo Beach.
If a foe of mine wanted to destroy me,
he would have to destroy Redondo Beach
for it is apart of me.
Bury me anywhere in the world,
still my spirit will live here.
This is where I originated,
let no one else tell you otherwise.
For it is here where who I am was born;
This is home to me...

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