by Sabrina Michelle
(Graceville, Florida)

I watch my life pass by,
and I think of how it used to be.
I never miss the fights we had,
I just long for my sanity.
It’s been over a month now, and
I am most proud that I can say,
I know you hate my decision,
but things were meant to be this way.
I can’t say that I don’t miss you,
because deep down inside
I guess I do.
But I’m not going to show how I feel,
because I’m not sure
if you miss me too.
I know you say you were trying,
but you never really knew
how to show love.
Some night would end in a hug
and a “goodnight”,
but others would end in a shove.
I think that this is what’s best,
and that this is where
I am supposed to be.
I know you never meant
all the things you said and did,
but now your biggest regret
is losing me.

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