by Alex Grigg
(Australia NSW)

In the whispers I can hear .....
Oh how we'd all love to erase this awful year...
But as I stand back and relate
And adjust my mind to signify every date
Contemplated thoughts stuck.... At the end .... Searching for a light sound round the bend amplifying ambient noises traveled from a far walking with no direction but a star ... We can all look back and regret or we can be the hero close our eyes move forward and take that step ... Remember the year that went by for what it was learn every lesson taught by every second lost grab every moment strong and stand tall to what's to come ...everybody stronger knowing this accepting every minute as if it don't exist? Here is when we all scream to let it out all that's left to do now is get it out with one step we create a mile left standing here with one breath we create a smile next year is but one leap away ...

"IF YOU REGRET YOUR MISTAKES, so will others....
YET IF YOU EMBRACE THEM AND LEARN FROM THEM, you'll stop caring about others opinions."
Regret and Mistake, are all but words,
But Embrace and Learn are heights only you can achieve

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