Religious Tale

by by Johnny Smith

Sane. Insane. Humane?
From the hanging gardens of Babylon
To the death of Abel, Adam's
Symbolic son.
From the Twelve Tribes and Ten Laws
To tortured souls fleeing
Purgatory’s claws.
From the Immaculate Conception and Incarnation
To the Crucifixion and persecution of a
Sacred people and Holy Nation.
From pain and penance for all our sins
To ridicule and question
Charged by tempestuous winds.
From the Resurrection to the reformation
Blood fueled tales filled phoney
Sterile Grails.
From the angels of death at
The Passover time
To the covenant with man and the
Last Supper wine.
From bread crumbled in the
Garden of fate
To the scientific world that
Funds the state.
From the death of Peter and Holy See
To betrayal of man in the guise
Of living free.
From the road to Damascus
Under Gods blinding light
To religious decadence
Of the popes Templar knights.
From pilgrims that roam
Far across this land
To demons that clutch
Lost souls in hand.
From Jesuit knights and eastern crusades
To bloodied martyrs upon
Hells burning blades.
From hands that clasp
The rosary beads
To white coated judges that
Disperse the seeds.
From monastic orders addressing
Their calling
To desperate artists who only paint
Whilst crawling.
From you and I; keepers of The Way
To redemption lair locked inside
Judgement Day.

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