by Shaista Khadim

The day we became friends?
It was a dream come true for me
You set new trends.

When I used to cry?
Losing all hopes;
But you asked me to live life.

When you played odd and even with me?
You tried to lose on purpose
So I could win easily.

When,on your jokes,I laughed?
You said you saw a shine in my eyes
I looked like an angel with a halo and a harp.

The times I was angry?
You waited patiently for the anger to subside
And then filled me with glee.

The day I walked away?
Without saying a last goodbye..
No!Please don't remember that day.

Remember my friend, Never lose hope
No matter what happens
Life will not always be with us
We have to be with life instead.

Remember my friend
Life is never fair
You have to teach it
Desire and Duty cannot be paired.

Remember my words friend
I don't say them because I'm wise
I say them because I know the pain
Never want you to go through the strife.

Remember my friend
I will not be with you always
But don't be sad
To live life to the fullest,
find other ways.

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Jul 11, 2012
by: S.W.J

and yes i do remember all those moments....

Jul 11, 2012
not possible!!
by: S.W.J

What other ways????
theres nothing else and will never be ....
i guess ill have to die lonely!!
but no matter what plz plz u stay happy!!! if not for urself then for me and remember the promise you made about those precious drops of salt water.. i hope u r still keping that promise.. :D

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