by Adeoye Oreoluwa
(Lagos, Nigeria )

Looking back
I remember all your mistakes
I remember how I let them go
Thinking forgiveness was reciprocal
Till I flawed and was locked out completely
In the darkness
In the cold
At times I wonder
Did you ever love me
Or was it just my imagination
I remember how hard it was for me to turn the page
I remember how easily you burned the whole book
When I came pleading
All you did was shun me
Leading me to the emptiness before me
After it, all you said was forget me
But how do I forget when all I did was forgive
I remember saying "I love you"
I remember you adding "don't" and "anymore"
Always thought love doesn't fade away
But now I see otherwise
Cuz' here I am with my heart in my hands
And a hole in my chest
Left with nothing but a memory of a memory

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