by SMZ

Right in the middle of my dreadful life
You color it with a blissful love
Love, that somehow made me realize
That reality can be a paradise

For a while, it works
Yet time passes by,
It fades

Looking at those sprinkled glitters in the sky
Like how I used to gaze in your eyes
I remembered all the promises
That you shattered into pieces

I suddenly fall into sadness so sweet
That memories sneak out of my eyes
As my imagination filled with our images
Rivers of tears continuously flow

You were the wish I wished upon a shooting star
You were the prince I fantasized in my fairy tale
You were the inspiration of my dreams
You were once a glimpse of my everything

As I sigh a smoke of sadness
Drunk on the idea of happiness
As the wind blows by
I just let myself fly high.

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