Ripples and Waves

by Anisha Achankunju
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Ripples and Waves

Ripples and Waves

“When you create a ripple, they can become giant waves and who knows what distant shores they would reach and how many hearts and lives they touch.” in a poetic form.

Break my wave on a hardened rock,
While on my mission to the dock.
Splash my water to the world around,
A gentle shiver, to sight and sound.

A stone I throw to create a splash,
Drops of water to wet my eyelash.
A ripple I create as the stone falls,
In circular motions, it breaks all walls.

My heart and the sea are but the same,
Living a life like an eternal game.
Each ripple I create to make a wave,
To be the voice the Creator gave.

To love with a heart that is pure and true,
To gently flow in a colourful hue.
For bigger the stone the bigger the splash,
And for forever to clean life’s open gash.

For each ripple then will become a wave,
To touch each heart and a life to save.
To bring peace, with love and truth,
For gifts of happiness to wildly loot.

Each ripple I make is a voice of the above,
Saying I’m there watching over in love.
Gentle and true to the wave it spreads,
To cleanse all nature of its sinful dreads.

May my actions be one day be seen,
More like a melody that is serene.
For when I love, I love so true,
When I do, I do for you.

My ripple will one day speak for itself,
The wave will break any rock itself.
For I have have loved with true innocence,
To give you my hope, the highest reverence.

My wave will one day on a shore will break,
Bringing untold mysteries to pick and rake.
With it will come a pit of salt,
To add a taste with no genuine fault.

May my wave be the one to bring,
The triumphant roar and peace within.
My heart aches with the pain it has,
One day I know, it may all pass.

For each action I do is a ripple so great,
To move forcefully and a wave create.
May each wave on another land touch,
To being that happiness I want so much.

For each distant shore that my wave doth reach,
It breaks a smile on the lonesome beach.
It brings a smile, it brings a tear.
It beings happiness, it brings fear.

One day in life I’ll create a wave,
To be remembered forever the ripple it gave.
For many a heart and a distant shore it’ll reach.
To touch a life on that unknown beach.

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Ripples and Waves
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your heart-warming poem... it really touch my soul! God bless you.

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