R.I.S.E. America

by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

Rebellious become the citizens,
a Revolution becomes the voice of the People.
The People are told of Change,
but what is Change if there is no Hope;
a painter paints us as idiotic, a Nation of suckers,
the truth though is that we are not idiotic,
but a Nation of Hopelessness like our Government,
hopeless, for why have Hope in Change,
when there is no truth in the lies that our Government has told us…

Intelligence is sought in a war that is Knowledge versus Lies.
I tell you, People of America,
be smart and wise in the choosing of the bullsh-t that you believe,
for one’s Knowledge is key to winning one’s battles…

Surrender your violent ways my America,
karma, like your bullets that burn to be fired, knows no names.
Though the violence you yearn to use is backed by the good in your Heart;
if you kill a man in Government,
how will they be able to listen?
Your voice, my Americans, is your greatest weapon,
your voice though can become as weak as their shield
that goes against it if you choose to not use it wisely.
Never let your guard down,
but surrender your violent ways, and lift your voice…

Equality is needed;
we have no more time to hate another being.
Our Enemies in Government see no color or sexuality,
for they have all screwed us over for far too long,
but now the time has come!
R.I.S.E. America, my fellow Americans,

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