by Tushar Biswas

Measure the fathom when my ocean is calm,
And pain shall be mortal, resting on your palm
I promised you a dawn where no mourn shall break
Sleep within my core as no pain shall wake

The rain showed how our heavens have cried
And why you have buried pain deep inside
The boiled tears riding on your fountains of pain
Have watered my deserts to reach thirsty ocean

Accuse me of Lust, for my world has strung
Deep in your eyes, for a taste of your tongue
Two chary eyes still hiding in the corner
And Resting in my arms of golden armor

Here comes the dawn, keep my lips occupied
Bow to my darkness, make our souls unite
Fear not mon amour, allow this rain to possess
All of my silence, even those teardrops on Black Roses

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