by Mary Pagdati
(Nicosia, Cyprus)

When you look at me my Darling;
Do you see the lady of your dream or a mere fantasy?
Distant, so far to reach;
Hair falling at the shoulders - caressing, seductively.

Is it the modest tan that entices your lips and makes them twitch;
Bringing to your face a subtle ‘grin’?
Might it be the eyes then that have captivated you;
Seeing far beyond, instilling the Christ within.

Cyprus Jewel, Rose Jewel or so I am called… but does it matter?
You’re too analytical - going far deeper,
Straight to the heart;
Where beauty runs sweeter.

you see my Darling, God makes no mistakes,
He formed the rosebush ‘queen’ of all flora;
Gave it bristly thorns to guard it to maturity;
Though cold winds might strip it of its color.

Yet, it boasts its nakedness, it bears no shame;
Like lady-in-waiting till the changing of season,
It will delicately captivate, with a fragrance so dear;
You my Love, beyond all reason.

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