Run Okay

by Kasmir Chanel

Cry's to the sun
Movement on the run
Shattered hearts humming
Sore pain numbing
Words better unsaid
Maybe he's my type because of his dreads
Clouds racing for a new tune
Dreams erase when it hits noon
Desire strip away and departed like nudity
You may feel like it ruin for community
Dare to star
Love a phone call too far
Distance aching
Tears running, my heart racing
Old love going extinct
New love running in the sink
Reading books hoping it would erase
Depression is what the books are based
I'm sorry you think these are all lies
You're so blind you want open your eyes
I'm scared to reach love
Why can't they teach me love?
Instead of hoping I would fall
When they blind me with a wall
They taught me to turn and run
And put up a wall, to scared my hopes want ever come
I'm scared of love
Scared they would run because I was deeply in love
I hate myself
Because what I say is a lie
Love is wrong
That's why I'm so alone
Run now
And you'll never be trapped
Run so far
There will be no one to despise you
To hurt you
Cut through your skin
Make sure you run
So you'll be the only one to win
Distance in your ears
Brush off them fears
Run so loud
They be scared to follow
Only thing they'll see is your shadow
Are you okay
That's what they all say
Hoping the pain is over
Keep looking over your shoulder
How can you break the dark?
When there's no one there but you on the other side of the mirror...

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