Sad Friendship Poems

Our friends are an extension of ourselves. The Sad Friendship Poem Collection from the writers at My Word Wizard explores the more painful sides of this most intimate of platonic relationships.

It is well known that friends are an important part of who we are. They fill in the voids of our existance by supporting and validating us. When these relationships goes awry, we can becomed filled with a deep sadness and sense of loss.

We hope you find solace and reflection in these poignant poems about our friends.


I never thought we would part
I didn’t think the day would come
It feels like a nightmare
And I can’t stop crying.
I see the spot where you lay
And I feel empty inside.
Nothing will ever be the same
because my friend has died.

Words of Regret

I know that we have had a fight
But I wish I could I could take it back.
Because without a friend like you
My life is empty, it’s hollow.
Please let us be friends again
It just isn’t the same right now.
I implore of you to search your heart
and let our friendship come back.

Grown Apart

When a friendship is no more
You feel so empty inside.
Although the person is alive
It feels as if they have died.
Every memory you have is painful
every picture a dagger to the heart.
There’s nothing sadder in the world
Than two friends who’ve grown apart.

A Friend Lost

Harsh words were spoken
and blames were exchanged.
Now tears flow freely
and room temperature changed.
Two friends stand at odds
Back to back and arms crossed.
What a sad sight to see
Their friendships’ now lost.

To Be Cherished

A friendship that’s died
Is a dagger to the heart.
It’s a time of great sorrow
when the two of them part.
Cherish your friendships,
You won’t know when they’ll end
One day you could find
You’ve lose your very close friend.

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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