by Paleblue Panda
(Melbourne Australia)

Poem 1

There is nothing as sad in this world as a child without joy,
Robbed of fairies witches and elves,without a toy
Hurting silently,
no one hears,
rescue me
I'm alone

Poem 2

Once pale, the soft freshness of my skin like honeydew,
Soft pink rose soap on a painted antique dish...
Running ribbons, through my long dark hair, of blue,
Lipstick, rosewater, pinned greying hair and pearls...
Laughing in long white socks at the secrets held by little girls,
...Dreaming of a time before I met you.

Its 6 o'clock nearly time for tea, the kettle whistles loud...
Young hands play clapping games and singing rhymes,
A picture sits on the mantle, a young soldier so proud...
Two little girls run together, singing "ring a ring a rosy"
Old hands, knitting hands, adjust the tea cosy....
...Dreaming of a time when I met you.

Yellow gingham dress & bobby socks at a teenage dance
...Sleeping minutes the mantle clock marks with solitary chime,
He looks this way, handsome smiling, turning towards her glance,
..."I Must have put it somewhere but can’t remember where"...
And she turned towards his chest; he danced like Fred Astaire,
...Dreaming of a time when I held you.

... A cat sits on the sofa's crochet rug, its a quarter past three...
A red and white picnic rug, warm and sweet summer's diamond ring
...awakes from a mid afternoon nap to the words "Will you marry me"?
"I have to go to fight, but I’ll be back sooner than you think"...
Remembering a soft kiss upon her neck, then a smile, salute and wink.
...Dreaming ...Dreaming....Dreaming...Dreaming...Dreaming...

..."Come on puss, it’s time for tea, a good cat... keeping me company".
Leaning in his arms she heard him whisper”Honey I thought we'd Marry before I go"
..."Puss common now, you’ve put hairs all over... (Phone rings) "Who could this be?
"Oh yes" she said, "I'll have to ask your Dad first" as he gave her a lovely smile.
..."Hello...oh hello sweetheart... you've made my day...really worth the while...
Dreaming of missing you. Dreaming of you every day. Dreaming of you all my life......

Knock... Knock...Knock...a pregnant young woman answers the door
"No no I was just telling the cat to get of my crochet coming for tea?
"Yes.I'm Mrs ..a soldier in uniform broke the news... at once an ache for evermore
..."I love your laugh sweet heart, you sound just like your look like him to....
"I'm" handing her an envelope ..."his things"..."If there’s anything we can do...”?
Dreaming of you and missing you every day..when I see you in her face...

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