by Vance Farrell
(Allentown PA)

Salvia, screw the edge I’ve gone too far
Salvia, my brain's now nothing but a mental scar
Salvia, standing, sitting, walking seems strange
Salvia, I’m destined to be retarded and deranged

...Salvia, lurking in the multiple dimensions before and behind
Salvia, anxiety in the thought that I can’t get back to normal time
Salvia, dehydration with a cleaver edge of paranoia calling
Salvia, alone, on my own, spend the rest of my life crawling

It all started with such a harmless toke
Release some tension, have a smoke
Laugh out loud during the holiday season
Innocent relaxation, rhyme without reason

Salvia, she came and took it all away
Salvia, clouds the memories before today
Salvia, has me writing poems in the dark
Salvia, Leaves my future a question mark

Salvia, back to the meetings and padded rooms
Salvia, climbing the 12 step ladder, my own tomb
Salvia, all for 20 bucks can get you as high as high can
Salvia, God I long for the quiet moments and a future game plan.

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